Ortadirek came into service in İstanbul on 9.11.2008. Before inauguration, we had performed a long-lasting market research period. During that period, we had extensively researched both in and out of the country the pole manufacturing systems, requirements of these systems, fields of use of poles and pole designs, and accordingly set out to identifying the most impeccable, fast and high-quality system for manufacturing poles in the light of good examples of prominent international companies. Then, we gave a start to imple-menting this system. The system we were dreaming about was an unmanned, automation-based integrated plant. Our target was to manufacture 6000 poles per month with only four operators. This effort that we have staged for building up this distinguishing project to the extent of our available potentials has fully been finalized in 2009. İt is also a valuable matter of pride for us to accomplish such a seemingly-impossible plant. Consequently, from the very moment we started to manufacture, we have always stood at top rank in Turkey and high ranks in Europe. Incoming requests for partnership from international enterprises is the most significant indicator manifesting our achievement. Within the framework of the partnership contract we have signed with VViegel, the global giant in galvanization industry, we manufacture perfectly galvanized poles. We have never pursued the goal of offering the cheapest pole in Turkey, yet our consistent aspira-tion has always been to manufacture the pole of unprecedented quality in fastest time. And we and our cus-tomers intimately believe that we have made it true. Besides, the compliments we receive from European companies serve as a substantial evidence of the correct path we follow.